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Customer Testimonial Sus...

I'm a 70 year old single female living in north Oxnard, CA. I've been retired for several years and realized that my savings were dwindling and I was struggling to pay my mortgage every month. I heard of a reverse mortgage, but mostly, I heard negative comments about how seniors get scammed. Five years ago, I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer and had major surgery and chemo. Most of my savings were going toward medical bills and mortgage payments. In 2008, I called a friend in the real estate business and asked him to refer me to someone to call for information on a reverse mortgage. I called one person and tried to explain things but I was not comfortable talking to a stranger about my finances on the phone. He never offered to come to my house - so I told him I wasn't interested. Now, three years later it's June, 2011, and I was more desperate to get a reverse mortgage.

I went on-line and saw a video of Susan Domino of Guild Mortgage in Camarillo. Her office is 15 minutes from my house so I called. Just speaking to her on the phone, I knew this will be the person who could rescue me. She came to my house and I was immediately comfortable and knew that she was very honest and helpful. She explained the reverse-mortgage program and answered all my questions. I even had my neighbor come over for support. She made the whole process of getting a reverse mortgage so easy and my escrow closed within 45 days.

Now I never have to make another mortgage payment and I also received a check for almost $22,000. I had been making mortgage payments for 37 years - as I moved a few times. It's like a weight was lifted from my shoulders, knowing that I'm truly FREE! Now I can stay in my beautiful house for the rest of my life and go shopping as often as I want. I highly recommend Susan Domino, who I dubbed "Queen of Reverse Mortgages."

Customer Testimonial Jen...

I wanted to acknowledge Jeni Henson for her amazing work ethic. As a Realtor, I have worked with many different loan officers, but have never came across someone as good as Jeni. Please take the time to acknowledge her excellent service, which in my experience has never been topped. She is truly a wonderful person to work with and a very hard worker. It is always a pleasure to work closely with Jeni and I am certain to continue sending all new buyers to her attention. Guild Mortgage is fortunate to have someone like her on their team.

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