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Company Blog: Always a S...

Education is the foundation of success. That was the focus of Guild’s most recent Leadership Summit. Each year, the Summit serves as a time for us to renew old friendships, join breakout sessions and plan for the future. I believe that planning ahead begins with learning and that learning is the best tool for personal development and accountability. We created Guild University to put the tools of learning in the hands of our employees. Guild University is an online education portal that offers employees courses in regulatory guidance, company policies, and leadership and management skills. Through Guild University, we have the opportunity to grow through learning – no matter where we are or what we want to learn. I say, why not start now?

Company Blog: Help Desk ...

Our departments are filled with talented people. This week, I’d like to highlight the great work done by our Help Desk Specialists in IT. They support our nearly 3,000 employees as well as any borrower who needs assistance with our website. Our 7 Help Desk Specialists handle 1,000 calls, 700 requests and 350 Live Assist sessions each week. How do they do it? They have a strong team that supports them in their work to find a resolution quickly while keeping a smile in their voices. They’re also very motivated to help others in their job duties as well as their understanding of the issues. When asked what the most rewarding part of their work is, each Specialist had a similar response: “The most rewarding part of our work is fixing an issue for a caller and getting her operational again.” They also expressed a great sense of satisfaction in helping others to understand technology just a little better. I applaud the Help Desk, its success and its continuous support for us all. The Help Desk is one of the many groups that make Guild so great.

Company Blog: Improving ...

For May, we’re focusing our social media outreach on education. We’ll educate customers on the loan process, fees to expect, tips on credit, and mortgage jargon. To make sure we’re providing accurate information and improving our thinking, we’ll also focus on educating ourselves. Our mortgage professionals have many educational opportunities across the country through local mortgage banking conferences and industry webinars, blogs and articles. And, as I’ve mentioned in a previous blog, our employees don’t have to travel for education; they can access Guild University at the office. Guild U is rolling out professional development courses. Its most recent addition is on how to write effective emails. Other available courses include Qualifying the Borrower, Loan Systems and Software, Loan Servicing, Programs and Products. I’m proud to say that at Guild, our goal is to improve everyone’s knowledge.

Company Blog: Guild on t...

We’re used to hearing the term “gridlock” about Washington, D.C. Luckily for Guild, that wasn’t the case at this year’s Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA) National Advocacy Conference. Each year, the MBA brings industry stakeholders together to lobby on Capitol Hill for key policy priorities. This year, my Compliance team and I focused on speaking with policymakers about strengthening finance systems. We met with representatives to talk about transitional licensing and CFPB (Consumer Finance Protection Bureau) clarification. We want streamlined processes for licensing requirements of loan officers transitioning from banks to mortgage lenders. Streamlined processes would allow more loan officers to consider mortgage lenders for employers, giving them more options. We also hope to see more CFPB guidance on regulations that remain unclear. We need assistance with knowing exactly what the CFPB expects. Experiencing how our government operates, and seeing just how accessible our leaders in Congress are, was remarkable. I was pleasantly surprised to see that policymakers on both sides of the aisle shared the same objectives and goals that we do.

Company Blog: Honoring T...

This month, I was named to the Mortgage Professional America Magazine’s (MPA) Hot 100 list. MPA describes the list as including the industry’s most engaging, successful and innovative people. I think about how this achievement is made possible by the team we’ve built here at Guild. We continue to do so well because of all the hard work every employee contributes. The real reward for me is knowing that honors like these are truly a recognition of our collective talent. Watching the people at Guild develop and grow is a dream come true. Thank you to MPA for this award and thank you to my team!

Company Blog: Meeting Cu...

We want to meet our customers where they are. What better time than during our Eco April campaign to meet our customers online? Coming soon, our current customers will have paperless options for monthly loan statements. While customers do not choose who services their loans, at Guild, they can at least choose how they receive their loan information. They can now get information when and where they want it. Starting later this year, our customers will have the option of receiving e-statements. They’ll be able to sign up for e-statements through email, their online account, or by calling a customer service representative. All online communication is secure and emails will be encrypted to ensure privacy. Our servicing and compliance teams are working tirelessly to make access to loan information as fast and easy as possible. When our customers speak, we listen! We continue to set ourselves apart by using technology to mediate personal connections and are excited to see what’s coming up next.

Passion Leads Us

Our business is customer service. That’s why we’re always working on how we can connect with our customers better. With tight lending standards shutting out millennials and first-time homebuyers, we’ve put special focus on finding innovative ways to help them get started. Along with programs that provide more purchase options, we’re looking into customer experience. Research shows that across generations, people want the same thing: to be treated like people, and that regardless of technology, the emotional experience of buying a home doesn’t change. Buying a home is exciting and stressful. People want to connect with someone they trust, understand the application process, feel they’re making a smart choice and know their voices matter. At Guild, that’s the experience we’ve always provided and what we continue to emphasize. While we use the latest technologies, we focus on communication and relationship building because that’s what matters most. Putting people into homes and keeping them in their homes is what I love most about this business. As we grow, we’re looking at technology not as a way to cut out personal interaction, but instead, as a way to for us to connect with our customers. With new technologies, this will be an exciting year for new and existing customers – stay tuned!

The Power of Focus

It’s amazing what you can do with focus. In December, we took on implementing a new service for customers to e-sign disclosures. We were able to bring on this service in the shortest amount of time possible and went live just a few weeks ago. We knew how important ease of access is to our customers and to our loan officers, so we united our workforce on this single focus. It took us far less time than anticipated and far less time than others because of talent and teamwork. I’m proud of how our different departments came together to finish this project quickly. Through this process, we built relationships internally and are now able to provide better service. Our customers will now be free to use technologies that speed the loan process. This new service will benefit our customers and everyone at Guild, too.

Company Blog: Customers ...

We put customers first. In the past year, we kept our focus on our customers even through record loan volume and the biggest regulatory overhaul we have ever seen. We were the first in the industry to pilot a new customer satisfaction survey as yet another way to listen to and interact with our customers. These surveys provide customers with a neutral platform to share praise and voice concerns. They also provide loan officers and other Guild team members with the opportunity to reflect on customer experiences and improve communications. With this addition to our customer support, we are planning ahead and getting ready for the next level of service. To ensure great customer experiences as we continue to grow, we will need additional care, thoughtful research, and a strong commitment to keeping the soul of a small company as a core commitment. While we move towards becoming more high-tech, we will be sure to continue being high-touch through personal interactions with our customers. Our business has always been about relationships and will continue to be in the future.

NAPMW's 50th Anniversary...

I was recently invited to Washington state to be the keynote speaker at the 50th anniversary meeting of the National Association of Professional Mortgage Women. The NAPMW Vision is to provide business, personal, and leadership development advancing women in mortgage-related professions. Guild is recognized in the industry for being a place that is welcoming to women and anyone with talent. I was honored to have been invited to be with them to celebrate their 50th.

We shared stories from the past 50 years, our current goals, and looked forward to the next 50 years. A common goal of empowering the most talented people brought all of us close together. At Guild, we love to see our employees accept challenge and take initiative. We reward them for doing so. The mortgage banking world is a fantastic industry for women to get their start in and see their careers flourish. Mortgage banking shows women appreciation for their talent and the industry continues to trend that direction. A solid educational foundation is important to begin to take positive steps in your career choice. It was wonderful to talk about Guild’s executive platform with six of eight women owner-managers. This was not something that intentionally happened, but something that naturally took place as women showcased their talents and were rewarded for it. Success stories like these can really inspire other women to achieve greatness.

My trip to Washington to be a part of the NAPMW’s 50th anniversary was an amazing experience. I wish nothing but success and continued growth for the NAPMW.

- Mary Ann McGarry, President and CEO

Values at Guild

Values are at the core of everything we do and give meaning to our work here at Guild. I’m proud of what we’ve built, and that we live the values. We support each other in times of difficulty, and we think of everyone at Guild and our customers, referral partners, and investors, as partners in business.

We speak here of honesty and integrity as two of our most important values, as these are foundational to other values we emphasize at Guild, such as priorities, leadership, respect.

I’ve always felt that it’s important to build a company where people are genuinely respectful of each other. Each of us is important to the success of the company. Our success is measured in profitability, yes, and also in creating meaningful, lasting relationships with each other and with everyone with whom we do business: a first-time homebuyer, a realtor, an investor, a vendor, or anyone else in the housing industry.

Although so many things are constantly changing, markets, products, technology, our values define who we are, and never change.

Mary Ann McGarry, President and CEO

Liberty Road Foundation

Since 2008, Guild Mortgage has been actively involved volunteering their skills, talents and financial recourses with Liberty Road Foundation. A non-profit founded by Executive Vice President and National Sales Manager of Guild, Barry Horn. Liberty Road Foundation assists in transforming the lives of those in the workplace connecting businesses to non-profits. This has had an amazing impact on the culture at Guild. Boosting morale and creating a unity of purpose.

Liberty Road Foundation has acted as a bridge for Guild to step into the gaps of their neighbors in need. Many mornings you’ll find the Washington Guild crew making breakfast bright and early for the kids at Jubilee Reach. Other days they’ll be serving lunch to the homeless, addicted and mentally ill at the Matt Talbot Center. They have also been a major sponsor for project funding. Liberty Road Foundation hosts a bi-weekly Business Leaders Breakfast where Guild employees come to connect with other business leaders whom share the same vision. They are committed to becoming significant business leaders who are generous and devoted to serving and building meaningful, lasting relationships.

Learn more at www.libertyroadfoundation.com.

Environmental Footprint

For more than fifty years, we have been working to improve our efficiency, particularly in finding where we can use technology to help reduce our use of materials and keep our costs down. We partner with companies who share our goals, and are in the process of significantly reducing our use of paper, including in our ways of creating new loans and in processing, managing, and storing the information that we need to gather.

We have started a process where we make greater use of imaging technology to reduce our paper use, and are continuing to look for new ways to improve our efficiencies and to reduce our impact on the environment wherever we can. We are providing new options for increased use of automatic payments and are also providing on-line access to loan information so that all our customers can view the status of their accounts quickly and easily without needing to mail in their payments.

Click Here to log into the new My Account area and turn off paper statements

The Broken Road Foundati...

Sarah Middleton, Regional Manager for Guild Mortgage founded The Broken Road Foundation to make daily life a little easier for those facing challenging times. Their mission is to build a road of recovery by leveraging the generosity of individuals and businesses. Sarah and other employees within Guild participate in events and fundraisers to raise money for their cause. Last year during the “Fairy Dust Campaign”, the foundation was able to provide over 500 new tennis shoes for Elementary and Junior High students in Colorado, Utah and Texas.

“Each and every one of us in our lifetime comes to a break in our own road of life. We strive to smooth the travel of those less fortunate as they seek physical, mental and spiritual healing in our community. Is our world better for this? I can't answer that question for all but I can answer it for myself. Giving has tremendous rewards in a variety of dimensions and giving, in my opinion, includes our time, talent and financial contribution. I can only say that my life has been enriched emotionally, relationally, financially and most of all spiritually by the "giving" of others when my own family reached a broken road. I challenge you to see what the joy of giving can do in your own life!” - Sarah Middleton

Please join us in our journey here at The Broken Road.

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