We attract talent.

<br /> <strong>Some companies </strong><em>are true talent magnets.</em>

Some companies are true talent magnets.

Guild Mortgage Company is one of those companies. Our company culture is built on the idea that everyone should be heard. We encourage everyone to deliver their best at all times, and we reward innovation. If you would like to be at a company where you are valued and listened to, consider joining us at Guild. read on
Some companies are true talent magnets.

Guild Voices

  • <p><em>David <strong>Neylan</strong></em></p>

    David Neylan

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    David Neylan gives us his perspective on Guild leadership and what he feels is important in building his team.
  • Debbie Humphrey, who came to Guild in 2006, speaks of her sense of the company’s strengths and her own commitment to Guild’s continuing success.
  • <p><em>Terry </em><strong><em>Lewis</em></strong></p>
    compliance analyst

    Terry Lewis

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    Listen to Terry Lewis’ thoughts about what he finds meaningful about working at Guild Mortgage Company.



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