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    • Apr 3
    • Posted by:

      Mary Ann McGarry, President & CEO

    Passion Leads Us

    Our business is customer service. That’s why we’re always working on how we can connect with our customers better. With tight lending standards shutting out millennials and first-time homebuyers, we’ve put special focus on finding innovative ways to help them get started. Along with programs that provide more purchase options, we’re looking into customer experience. Research shows that across generations, people want the same thing: to be treated like people, and that regardless of technology, the emotional experience of buying a home doesn’t change. Buying a home is exciting and stressful. People want to connect with someone they trust, understand the application process, feel they’re making a smart choice and know their voices matter. At Guild, that’s the experience we’ve always provided and what we continue to emphasize. While we use the latest technologies, we focus on communication and relationship building because that’s what matters most. Putting people into homes and keeping them in their homes is what I love most about this business. As we grow, we’re looking at technology not as a way to cut out personal interaction, but instead, as a way to for us to connect with our customers. With new technologies, this will be an exciting year for new and existing customers – stay tuned!

    • Mar 29
    • Posted by:

      Mary Ann McGarry, President & CEO

    The Power of Focus

    It’s amazing what you can do with focus. In December, we took on implementing a new service for customers to e-sign disclosures. We were able to bring on this service in the shortest amount of time possible and went live just a few weeks ago. We knew how important ease of access is to our customers and to our loan officers, so we united our workforce on this single focus. It took us far less time than anticipated and far less time than others because of talent and teamwork. I’m proud of how our different departments came together to finish this project quickly. Through this process, we built relationships internally and are now able to provide better service. Our customers will now be free to use technologies that speed the loan process. This new service will benefit our customers and everyone at Guild, too.

    • Feb 29
    • Mary Ann McGarry
    • Posted by:

      Mary Ann McGarry, President & CEO

    Customer Testimonial for Jeni Henson

    I wanted to acknowledge Jeni Henson for her amazing work ethic. As a Realtor, I have worked with many different loan officers, but have never came across someone as good as Jeni. Please take the time to acknowledge her excellent service, which in my experience has never been topped. She is truly a wonderful person to work with and a very hard worker. It is always a pleasure to work closely with Jeni and I am certain to continue sending all new buyers to her attention. Guild Mortgage is fortunate to have someone like her on their team.


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