Customer Success story- Jensen Family

Customer success story – The Jensen family

Guild Mortgage has become one of the nation’s leading independent ‭mortgage providers by following a ‭simple rule–doing what’s right for our customers. We strive every day not only to help our customers purchase a home but also help them stay there when life presents unforeseen challenges.

One example that resonated with me is the story of the Jensen family from Hempstead, TX. After sustaining damage from a severe storm, they were at risk of losing their home. They fought to keep it and, fortunately, Guild was able to step in and find a solution. I believe in the value of homeownership–for building communities and for strengthening families. That’s why it’s important to help customers get into a home and stay in their home. Guild is a lender for life, which means we help our customers long after they sign their closing docs. I want to thank our team for their hard work and for living our mission of delivering the promise of home.

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Mary Ann McGarry is the CEO of Guild Mortgage. Under her leadership, Guild has grown to become one of the largest and most experienced independent mortgage lenders in the U.S. with close to 4,000 employees and 205 retail branches in 33 states. Ms. McGarry has received multiple awards and accolades for her leadership and Guild is consistently recognized for its positive contributions to the communities it serves, commitment to customer service and collegial workplace culture.