Bringing Peace of Mind

Peace of Mind

A special guest post by Matt MacGillivray, Southeast Regional Vice President

One of the reasons I love being at Guild is our close connection and dedication to the communities that we serve. Not just during the good times when people are buying houses or refinancing their homes to better their financial standing, but when real tragedy occurs. Most people don’t think about a mortgage company bringing peace of mind during a national disaster, but Guild Mortgage did just that for hundreds of homebuyers and owners when Hurricane Matthew pummeled the Southeast just a few short weeks ago.

When a national disaster occurs, things get thrown out of balance, to say the least. Worried families are hoping that their loved ones are safe. Many people are left without a roof over their head, and have to find shelter. For some, their roof is fine, but windows, belongings and cars are destroyed. The National Guard, police, firefighters, EMTs and other rescue workers spring to action, helping families reunite, safeguarding our citizens and homes, and restoring order. They help us return to our lives as swiftly and safely as possible. All is ok, right?

In many cases yes, but when the chaos has subsided and order restored, our clients were still buying their piece of the American Dream. They were working on refinancing their homes to make college more affordable, revitalize their bathroom or simply be able to afford a little more at the checkout line. They have loans in process that could easily make their journey back to normalcy come an abrupt end. After all, there are so many pieces of the mortgage puzzle that can easily get blown around in the middle of a hurricane. We needed to ensure their peace of mind was bolstered and that their lives continued in the direction they intended, with renewed momentum.

Guild Mortgage answered the call. We recognize that obtaining a mortgage is not simply a financial transaction, but a vehicle through which families and neighborhoods thrive. We started with communication. We reached out to each of our borrowers to make sure they were ok, as the most important part of the human condition is compassion for our fellow person. From there, we started working with everyone involved to get everything back on track. We extended rate lock commitments at no cost to our borrowers, to ensure they received the rate and affordable payment they were promised. We worked ahead of the disaster notices and ordered updated disaster inspections, through our appraisal partners, to make sure our clients’ dream homes were still there and in one piece. In one case, a loan officer was sent to the hospital when a tree fell in on his home and family during the storm. He suffered a concussion in the turmoil. He was back at work two days later, checking on his clients’ well-being and helping them put back the pieces of their lives as best he could. At Guild, we have stood with our communities, for our customers and behind our promises for almost 60 years, and will do so for many more.