Customers First

Customer First| Guild Mortgage

We put customers first. In the past year, we kept our focus on our customers even through record loan volume and the biggest regulatory overhaul we have ever seen. We were the first in the industry to pilot a new customer satisfaction survey as yet another way to listen to and interact with our customers. These surveys provide customers with a neutral platform to share praise and voice concerns. They also provide loan officers and other Guild team members with the opportunity to reflect on customer experiences and improve communications. With this addition to our customer support, we are planning ahead and getting ready for the next level of service. To ensure great customer experiences as we continue to grow, we will need additional care, thoughtful research, and a strong commitment to keeping the soul of a small company as a core commitment. While we move towards becoming more high-tech, we will be sure to continue being high-touch through personal interactions with our customers. Our business has always been about relationships and will continue to be in the future.