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Beware of rescuers charging fees.

One of the most troubling kinds of stories we’ve been hearing about recently involves borrowers in financial difficulties who have been led to believe that by paying consulting fees for help with renegotiating their loans, they can be "rescued" from foreclosure. Often, the fees can be very costly. In many cases, there is no guarantee of favorable results, so borrowers can be misdirected or harmed.

In general, borrowers should work directly with lenders to find solutions. Lenders are motivated to arrive at solutions with their borrowers, and in nearly all cases, borrowers will be provided with the best possible options when they are communicating with their lender.

Please be aware that Guild employees cannot accept any type of payment relating to the referral of any borrower to a third party for loan modification or foreclosure consulting services. Guild employees are also prohibited from performing these services on behalf of borrowers.

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