Meeting Customers Where They Are

Meet Customers Online

We want to meet our customers where they are. What better time than during our Eco April campaign to meet our customers online? Coming soon, our current clients will have paperless options for monthly loan statements. While they do not choose who services their loans, at Guild, they can at least choose how they receive their loan information. They can now get information when and where they want it. Starting later this year, our customers will have the option of receiving e-statements. They’ll be able to sign up for e-statements through email, their online account, or by calling a customer service representative. All online communication is secure and emails will be encrypted to ensure privacy. Our servicing and compliance teams are working tirelessly to make access to loan information as fast and easy as possible. When our customers speak, we listen! We continue to set ourselves apart by using technology to mediate personal connections and are excited to see what’s coming up next.