Millennials on the Mind

Millennials in Group | Guild Mortgage

We’re always thinking about how to best serve first-time homebuyers and attract young talent. That means we often have Millennials on our minds. To make sure we offer the options that fit their needs, I’ve done some research and found exactly what I’ve always suspected. Millennials are people, and like everyone else, place great importance on the emotional experiences of buying a home and finding the right employer. That’s why I’ve always made sure that as an employer and lender, the human experience is our first priority. We understand emotional experiences are different for everyone, which is why we appreciate all perspectives, including those of Millennials. At Guild, I personally find inspiration from the young people working here. They’re ambitious and innovative and emphasize social responsibility, new technology and work place flexibility. Their contributions are added value to our expert team and certainly help make Guild great. Here, we meet Millennials where they are, tap into their talent and offer them the products and services they want as homebuyers.