Partner Portal App FAQ

Guild to Go partner app

Available for phone and tablet.
  • Apple App Store
  • Google Play
  • Devices


  1. To create an account open Guild to Go and tap “Create account”
  2. Enter your email and create a password
Start Screen
Create account

To login:

  1. Tap the login button
  2. Enter your Guild to go account email and password
  3. After you log in for the 1st time you will also be able to login using Face ID or Touch ID on Apple devices and using your fingerprint sensor on your Android device.
Start Screen

This menu can be accessed from the dashboard by tapping on the “menu” icon.

FAQ Side Menu

Once you’ve selected a loan officer you will have the option to view their information and set them as your loan officer.


When manually searching for a loan officer you can use the map to look for branches near you or pan to other areas.

The search function can let you search by name.


Here you can see a quick preview of what stage of the referral your clients are in and updates of the last few actions taken.

Tap on any of these cards to reveal a more detailed view of each client.


Here you’ll find all the clients that you have added to Guild to Go.

Tap on a client to refer them for a loan or view their loan status if they have already been referred.


From the dashboard:

  1. Tap the plus button at the bottom center of the dashboard.
  2. Select the client you want to refer from the client list
  3. Tap “Refer Client”
  4. Fill in the “Desired Purchase Price” and choose a state.
  5. Tap “Refer Client Now”

You can view your client’s loan status by getting a preview from the dashboard.

A more detailed view can be seen by tapping one of the cards on the dashboard, or by selecting a client from the Client List.


The activity feed can be accessed from the client cards by pulling it from the bottom of the screen up. Here you can scroll through all the actions taken regarding the selected client. The updates are ordered from descending from newest to oldest.


When a client has been pre-approved you can generate pre-approval letters for them.

You can edit the Maximum Purchase Price, the Real Estate Taxes, and the HOA fees from here to fit your needs. When you’re happy with the amounts tap “Generate Pre-approval Letter” to send an email with the letter to your client and you.

If you have any questions tap the “Contact LO” button to write and send any questions you have to your loan officer.


To edit your profile information:

  1. Go to the dashboard and tap
    FAQ Side Menu
  2. Tap Update Information