Barry Horn, EVP National Production Manager, Partner

Barry Horn

Mr. Horn joined Guild in 2008, when Guild acquired the assets of Liberty Financial Group, a full service mortgage banking company based in Bellevue, Washington, that Mr. Horn founded in 2001. His leadership skills kept his team strong before, during, and after the transition to Guild. Mr. Horn is responsible for all retail production. Including his service as Chairman and CEO of Liberty Financial Group, Mr. Horn brings to Guild more than 30 years experience in executive management and entrepreneurial business operations. His executive management includes service as assistant to IBM’s Chairman of the Board, as Executive Vice President of Worldwide Sales of Attachmate Corporation, a $400 million software company, and as CEO of Saltmine LLC, an E-business web development and consulting company. His entrepreneurial experience includes forming New Link Corporation, a security software company, which he later sold to a public company in Great Britain. In addition, he sold another software venture, SafeData, to an acquiring company. Mr. Horn received a B.A. degree in Economics and Finance from Taylor University.