Rhona Kaninau, SVP Loan Administration, Partner

Rhona Kanina | Guild Mortgage

Ms. Kaninau joined the company in 1985 and is responsible for the overall operations of Loan Administration, managing bulk acquisition and sale of servicing as well as portfolio retention strategies. Ms. Kaninau was the project coordinator in the design and implementation of an Interactive Voice Response system and streamlined refinance program to increase portfolio retention levels. Prior to coming to Guild, Ms. Kaninau worked for Bank of America in retail branch operations for 12 years. She is able to adjust to the needs of an ever-changing portfolio and maintain high service levels and low costs per loan. From the time of her start in 1985, the Company recognized her ability to organize, problem-solve, and effectively execute company objectives. Ms. Kaninau is a member of the Mortgage Bankers Association Loan Administration Committee and the Diversity Task Force.