Mary Ann McGarry

Ms. McGarry has been a member of Guild’s Board of Directors since 1988. Ms. McGarry leads the development and execution of the company’s strategic plans and objectives and directs all corporate and subsidiary operations. Ms. McGarry, who began her career with Guild in 1984, has been one of the driving forces in formulating and executing […]

Terry Schmidt

Ms. Schmidt has been a member of Guild’s Board of Directors since 2006. Ms. Schmidt joined the company in 1985. She is responsible for the financial and investor reporting, budgeting, cash management, warehouse lending and human resource functions. Over the years she has performed system innovations and conversions related to her areas of responsibility, developed […]

Catherine Blocker

Ms. Blocker joined Guild in 1998 with a background rooted in both wholesale and retail sales and operations at Weyerhaeuser Mortgage Company beginning in 1977. In her first two years with the Company, she was promoted to Vice President with responsibilities for Production Training. In 2001, as head of Production Operations, Ms. Blocker also assumed […]

Mike Rish

Mr. Rish joined the Company in 1986. He started his mortgage training in Internal Audit, performing branch and investor compliance audits and was soon elevated to a position in Secondary Marketing. Mr. Rish has managed all aspects of the secondary marketing function to include branch and investor commitments, pipeline and inventory hedging and agency securitizations. […]

Theresa Cherry

Ms. Cherry is recognized as a leading presence at Guild, versatile and dynamic, with well-rounded industry knowledge, including inside and outside sales. Ms. Cherry began her career with Guild in 1989 in loan servicing and has held diverse management positions in her years with the Company. Within three years, she migrated to production where she […]

Barry Horn

Mr. Horn joined Guild in 2008, when Guild acquired the assets of Liberty Financial Group, a full service mortgage banking company based in Bellevue, Washington, that Mr. Horn founded in 2001. His leadership skills kept his team strong before, during, and after the transition to Guild. Mr. Horn is responsible for all retail production. Including […]

Linda Scott

Ms. Scott oversees the Company’s core business systems, infrastructure and services. She led the Information Technology area through key growth stages and provides leadership and project management in support of all Guild systems. Starting in software development in 1985 as a programmer analyst, Ms. Scott worked on a wide range of mission critical applications. She […]

Rhona Kaninau

Ms. Kaninau joined the company in 1985 and is responsible for the overall operations of Loan Administration, managing bulk acquisition and sale of servicing as well as portfolio retention strategies. Ms. Kaninau was the project coordinator in the design and implementation of an Interactive Voice Response system and streamlined refinance program to increase portfolio retention […]

Lisa Klika

Ms. Klika reports to Mary Ann McGarry, President and CEO, and is responsible for the Company’s risk management, compliance, quality assurance, and legal matters. Ms. Klika manages state and federal regulatory agency filings, licensing, inquiries and audits, analyzes regulatory changes and areas of risk to assess impact to the Company. She directs related policy and […]

James Madsen

Mr. Madsen joined Guild in 2014 and is responsible for the Loan Administration Division, managing operations from customer service through default. In addition, he is responsible for loan accounting. Mr. Madsen has more than twenty-five years of experience in the financial services industry, in mortgage and auto finance. Most recently, he worked for GMACM/Ocwen in […]