Regulatory Readiness

Regulatory Readiness | Guild Mortgage

Winning is not just about excellent execution, but the right preparation. In the mortgage industry, there seem to be an unlimited number of areas to prepare for, including regulatory readiness. It’s been 10 months since TRID became effective. At the time, this overhaul caused some interruption in the industry. Since its implementation, however, the industry fine-tuned policies and procedures, closing times are back to normal and the secondary market has stabilized. Guild has had particular success overcoming TRID obstacles by bringing together sales, operations, training, programming and compliance for a holistic approach. Guild continued to grow and score high customer satisfaction scores during the initial implementation. Soon, the CFPB will issue a notice of proposed rulemaking to clarify TRID. We’re monitoring these efforts closely. While we won’t know how the proposed changes will affect the industry until they’re published, we do know that Guild will be ready!