Servicing Wins

Win-Win | Guild Mortgage

Last week, I focused on what winning means to Guild and how being the best is a result of many efforts, including improving services. This week, I’m turning to our Servicing wins, because whether you’re buying a home or already enjoying home ownership, your experience is important. How are we winning when it comes to our Servicing customers? One way is by keeping our customers in their homes. Our delinquency rate in June was 3.2%, the lowest in 10 years, with 136,000 loans being serviced in 45 states and the District of Columbia, and with 350,000 payments processed, 45,000 escrow analyses performed and 65,000 phone calls last quarter. I see gold when I see those numbers. Just as with professional athletes, winning once fuels my motivation to keep improving and achieving new successes. We’ll keep listening to customer perspectives, adopting new technologies, and expanding services to achieve more for our customers. That’s what I call a win-win!