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Executive Team

At Guild Mortgage, our leadership team is dedicated to building a strong culture of collaboration and continuous improvement. For decades, in all kinds of markets, our accumulated depth of knowledge, our entrepreneurial spirit, our people-first culture, and our commitment to doing what’s right have made Guild a most admired company in the mortgage industry.

Mary Ann | Guild Mortgage
Mary Ann McGarry
President and CEO, Partner
Terry Schmidt | Guild Mortgage
Terry Schmidt
EVP and COO, Partner
Cathy Blocker | Guild Mortgage
Catherine Blocker
EVP Production Operations, Partner
Mike Rish | Guild Mortgage
Mike Rish
SVP Secondary Marketing, Partner
Theresa Cherry | Guild Mortgage
Theresa Cherry
SVP Regional Manager, Partner
B Horn | Guild Mortgage
Barry Horn
EVP National Production Manager
Linda Scott | Guild Mortgage
Linda Scott
SVP Technology & Software Development, Partner
Rhona Kanina | Guild Mortgage
Rhona Kaninau
SVP Loan Administration, Partner
Lisa Klika | Guild Mortgage
Lisa Klika
SVP Chief Compliance Officer
Jim Madsen | Guild Mortgage
James Madsen
EVP Loan Administration
David Neylan | Guild Mortgage
David Neylan
SVP Business Development
Amber Elwell | Guild Mortgage
Amber Elwell
SVP Finance
Kat Foster | Guild Mortgage
Kat Foster
SVP Director of Credit Risk
David Battany | Guild Mortgage
David Battany
EVP Capital Markets
Wendy Wong
Wendy Wong
SVP Chief Marketing Officer
C Frank | Guild Mortgage
Carolyn Frank
SVP Chief Human Resources Officer
Gabe Minton
Gabe Minton
EVP Chief Information Officer

Regional Vice Presidents

Guild’s 250+ branch offices throughout the United States are led by local executives, many of whom have been with Guild for over 25 years.

Charles Nay | Guild Mortgage
Charles Nay
Bill Rizzo | Guild Mortgage
William Rizzo
Arthur Ochoa | Guild Mortgage
Arthur Ochoa
Jeff Tarbell| Guild Mortgage
Jeff Tarbell
California Inland
Andy Stewart | Guild Mortgage
Andy Stewart
Matt MacGillivray | Guild Mortgage
Matt MacGillivray
Robert Allphin | Guild Mortgage
Rob Allphin
Theresa Cherry | Guild Mortgage
Theresa Cherry
California Coastal
Chad Overhauser | Guild Mortgage
Chad Overhauser
Eric Kulbe | Guild Mortgage
Eric Kulbe