Types of home loans to fit your life

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A mortgage properly tailored to your needs becomes an instrument that enables a whole new life. That’s why we offer different types of home loans for a wide array of borrower situations, including first-time homebuyers, military families and rural homebuyers. At Guild, you’ll find a loan that fits your life.

Which one of these describes you best?

With hundreds of types of home loans to choose from, we can help you tailor a borrowing strategy that works best for your family and lifestyle.

Whether you’re a first-time homebuyer, military family or rural homebuyer, Guild has mortgage services and several types of home loans to fit your needs.

Choose from the following loan products, mortgage types and services to learn more about Guild’s variety of great options.

I have a solid credit profile
I want to keep my payment low
I want rural home information
Show me options for VETS and military
I want to make upgrades and pay over time
I want down payment assistance
I want to keep my rates the same
I want to buy a new primary residence
I want the lowest available rate
I want to access my equity and supplement my retirement
I want to live in a customized manufactured home
I want to lock my rate and then shop for a home
I want to save and go green
I don’t have a credit score
I want to make a cash offer on a new home
I don't have a social security number
I want first-time homebuyer benefits
I want to sell my home quickly
I want a lower payment for the first year
I want to use my home's equity
I want to buy down an interest rate
I want to buy a home with no down payment
I'm a member of a federally recognized tribe
I am a medical doctor
I want a low down payment and lower interest rate for the first year
I want to buy a brand-new home