Executive Team

At Guild, we believe our work matters to people’s futures. It’s the goal of our leadership team to bring that belief into practice every day, throughout the organization. Together, we’ve built one of the nation’s most respected mortgage companies – one with the experience, strength and integrity to help millions of Americans realize their home ownership goals.

Through it all, we remain steadfast in our people-first culture and the collaborative, entrepreneurial environment that’s truly set Guild apart in the mortgage industry.

Mary Ann | Guild Mortgage
Mary Ann McGarry
President and Chief Executive Officer, Partner
Terry Schmidt | Guild Mortgage
Terry Schmidt
Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, Partner
Cathy Blocker | Guild Mortgage
Cathy Blocker
Executive Vice President, Production Operations, Partner
Mike Rish | Guild Mortgage
Mike Rish
SVP Secondary Marketing, Partner
Theresa Cherry | Guild Mortgage
Theresa Cherry
SVP Regional Manager, Partner
Barry Horn
Barry Horn
Executive Vice President, National Production Manager, Partner
Linda Scott | Guild Mortgage
Linda Scott
SVP Technology & Software Development, Partner
Rhona Kanina | Guild Mortgage
Rhona Kaninau
SVP Loan Administration, Partner
Lisa Klika | Guild Mortgage
Lisa Klika
SVP Chief Compliance Officer
Jim Madsen | Guild Mortgage
James Madsen
EVP Loan Administration
David Neylan | Guild Mortgage
David Neylan
SVP Business Development
Amber Elwell | Guild Mortgage
Amber Elwell
SVP Finance
Kat Foster | Guild Mortgage
Kat Foster
SVP Director of Credit Risk
David Battany | Guild Mortgage
David Battany
EVP Capital Markets
C Frank | Guild Mortgage
Carolyn Frank
SVP Chief Human Resources Officer
Gabe Minton
Gabe Minton
EVP Chief Information Officer
Erin Langevin
Erin Langevin
SVP National Retail Operations
Gemma Currier
Gemma Currier
SVP National Retail Sales Operations

Regional Executives

Guild’s 250+ branch offices throughout the United States are led by local executives.

Charles Nay | Guild Mortgage
Charles Nay
Arthur Ochoa | Guild Mortgage
Arthur Ochoa
Jeff Tarbell| Guild Mortgage
Jeff Tarbell
Northern California
Andy Stewart | Guild Mortgage
Andy Stewart
Mountain West
Matt MacGillivray | Guild Mortgage
Matt MacGillivray
Theresa Cherry | Guild Mortgage
Theresa Cherry
Southern California
Chad Overhauser | Guild Mortgage
Chad Overhauser
Angi Stevenson
Angi Stevenson
Bob Engelke
Bob Engelke