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    • Mar 1
    • Posted by:

      Mary Ann McGarry, President & CEO

    Reflect & Reenergize

    How Do You Prepare For Success?
    By reflecting on what you’ve done, learning from what works and what doesn’t, and developing best practices for the future, you can prepare for success. In reflecting on Guild’s 2015 accomplishments, I’m proud of what we’ve done. Our growth, industry recognition, and ability to adapt in a volatile regulatory environment have reenergized me when looking ahead to 2016. I’m confident that we can learn from the past year and continue on an upward trend this coming year.

    How Do You Measure Success?
    By taking a comprehensive approach to measuring success, you get a better idea of what truly works for your company. I start with numbers. In 2015, Guild achieved record growth with loan volume reaching $13.8 billion, up 86% from 2014. Our servicing volume reached $22.3 billion, up 34% from 2014. We also hired over 1,200 employees to join the Guild team to contribute to our growth. Then, I look at the quality of our services. Guild earned many awards in 2015 including Top 100 Mortgage Companies in the U.S., Top Workplaces, and Ernst & Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year. This recognition is a reflection of our growth as well as of our success as an entrepreneurial company that fosters individuals’ complementary strengths to focus on solutions.

    How Do You Continue To Succeed?
    By investing in people, you can build upon your success. Investing in your customers, in your employees, and in your own personal improvement sets your company up for further success. Guild is currently working on improving customer experiences through internal efficiencies and external, customer friendly processes. We encourage professional growth for employees through Guild University, an online educational platform. And as for me, I continue to learn from the industry, from my team and from our customers to ensure Guild achieves the success I know it can.

    • Jul 2
    • Posted by:

      Mary Ann McGarry, President & CEO

     2015 Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Of The Year Award in the San Diego Region

    This past week I was honored to receive the EY Entrepreneur of The Year 2015 Regional Award in San Diego. The EY program recognizes entrepreneurs and business leaders who demonstrate excellence and success in areas such as innovation, financial performance and commitment to their business and communities.

    This award acknowledges the strength of our management team and of everyone at Guild who works hard to serve our customers. Our focus on helping people get into homes, and more importantly, to stay in their homes, differentiates us from other independent mortgage banking companies.

    I’d also like to mention the years of support and inspiration from my family. My family is the most important part of my life and couldn’t accomplish all that I have without them.

    • Jun 3
    • Posted by:

      Mary Ann McGarry, President & CEO

    The 2015 Mastermind Summit

    I was pleased to be invited to speak at the 2015 Mastermind Summit in Las Vegas, one of the top real estate and mortgage events in America, with training for real estate agents, mortgage originators, managers and executives.

    I was particularly excited about this event because President George W. Bush was there and I was able to meet him. He has always been an inspiration. His energy and sense of humor made his stories come to life, and he was honest about decisions he made during his presidency, with difficult choices about where to draw the line in various scenarios. Insight from the eyes of a president is invaluable.


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