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    • Jun 25
    • Posted by:

      Mary Ann McGarry, President & CEO

    NAPMW's 50th Anniversary

    I was recently invited to Washington state to be the keynote speaker at the 50th anniversary meeting of the National Association of Professional Mortgage Women. The NAPMW Vision is to provide business, personal, and leadership development advancing women in mortgage-related professions. Guild is recognized in the industry for being a place that is welcoming to women and anyone with talent. I was honored to have been invited to be with them to celebrate their 50th.

    We shared stories from the past 50 years, our current goals, and looked forward to the next 50 years. A common goal of empowering the most talented people brought all of us close together. At Guild, we love to see our employees accept challenge and take initiative. We reward them for doing so. The mortgage banking world is a fantastic industry for women to get their start in and see their careers flourish. Mortgage banking shows women appreciation for their talent and the industry continues to trend that direction. A solid educational foundation is important to begin to take positive steps in your career choice. It was wonderful to talk about Guild’s executive platform with six of eight women owner-managers. This was not something that intentionally happened, but something that naturally took place as women showcased their talents and were rewarded for it. Success stories like these can really inspire other women to achieve greatness.

    My trip to Washington to be a part of the NAPMW’s 50th anniversary was an amazing experience. I wish nothing but success and continued growth for the NAPMW.

    - Mary Ann McGarry, President and CEO

    • May 21
    • Mary Ann McGarry
    • Posted by:

      Mary Ann McGarry, President & CEO

    Perspective from my door - Values at Guild

    Values are at the core of everything we do and give meaning to our work here at Guild. I’m proud of what we’ve built, and that we live the values. We support each other in times of difficulty, and we think of everyone at Guild and our customers, referral partners, and investors, as partners in business.

    We speak here of honesty and integrity as two of our most important values, as these are foundational to other values we emphasize at Guild, such as priorities, leadership, respect.

    I’ve always felt that it’s important to build a company where people are genuinely respectful of each other. Each of us is important to the success of the company. Our success is measured in profitability, yes, and also in creating meaningful, lasting relationships with each other and with everyone with whom we do business: a first-time homebuyer, a realtor, an investor, a vendor, or anyone else in the housing industry.

    Although so many things are constantly changing, markets, products, technology, our values define who we are, and never change.

    Mary Ann McGarry, President and CEO

    • May 3
    • Mary Ann McGarry
    • Posted by:

      Mary Ann McGarry, President & CEO

    Perspective from my door - Team Guild

    In my last blog, on innovation, I mentioned that I try to bring the most talented people I can find here to Guild, and that I feel that I have a team that can solve any problem that comes up, at any time. Our sense of being a team here at Guild includes our customers, our referral partners, investors, and the larger community. We consider everyone we work with to be our partners.

    For today, I’d like to try to get at what it is that makes Guild more than just a group of talented individuals? Even though we’re different in many ways, with different personalities and life experiences, we share a genuine respect for each other and sense of connection. We truly want to do the best job we can, want to be proud of each other.

    I’ve always worked to bring people together, looking for ways to find common ground. When I see a challenge, I try to understand the perspectives of everyone involved, so that I can see what we will need to do to move ahead, and, as much as I can, I try to make a decision that everyone involved will be happy with, in the sense that I ask myself what each member of the team will feel and think about a decision or direction that I’m considering.

    At times, I need to decide in a way that not everyone will find quite right, or even in a way that no one might support, at least at first, which can be difficult. However, although we do sometimes differ, I believe that everyone at Guild has the good of all of us in their mind and heart. And, when we are faced with challenges as a company, or in our personal lives, we pull together and help each other.

    Businesses are supposed to make money, of course, and we’ve had success in that, but I’ve always wanted Guild to be more than profitable. Our years together through many challenges have made us more than a group of talented people. In a real way, we’re a team, and that means more to me than I can say.

    Mary Ann McGarry, President and CEO

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