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Our renovation programs let you purchase or refinance all in one loan, so you can be in the home that feels right

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Let us help you create your dream home

Whether you’re considering a fixer-upper or dreaming of remodeling your current home, a renovation loan helps you get the job done.

Maybe you’ve found the perfect location, but the house needs improving. Maybe staying in your current (but outdated) home is what’s important. Either way, a renovation loan lets you make upgrades now and pay over time–so you can create a place you’re proud to call home.



A renovation loan allows you to purchase or refinance a home in almost any condition, make improvements and pay for them over time.

Your home loan includes the cost to buy the home, or refinance it, as well as the cost to complete your planned remodel. You’ll select a licensed general contractor and work with a construction loan administrator throughout the process.

In the end, you’ll have a home that fits your life.



Whether you have your heart set on a particular location or the inventory of homes in your area is low—finding the right home can be difficult.

A renovation loan helps you create your dream home.

The benefits:

  • Single transaction
  • Make choices that fit your personal taste
  • Buy in the neighborhood you love
  • Receive a tax benefit*
  • Borrow based on the future estimated home value
  • Pay for the renovation over the life of the loan

* Please see a tax advisor for more information.



Depending on the financing you choose, there are no limitations on the types of renovations you can make. From big projects like room additions and kitchen remodels to smaller projects like paint or landscaping.

The home you imagine is possible:

  • Remodel kitchens and bathrooms
  • Upgrade electrical, plumbing, heating and air conditioning
  • Build second stories and room additions
  • Create an accessible entry and make improvements to livability
  • Repair cracked slabs or make structural improvements
  • Install new flooring, windows, doors, cabinets and appliances
  • Install swimming pools, outdoor entertainment areas and landscaping

View our gallery of before and after examples to imagine your next project.


Loan options

We offer purchase and refinance renovation loans through both conventional and government programs.


This flexible loan allows a borrower to make most upgrades including luxury home improvements

FHA 203(k)

Offered by the government, this loan is right for borrowers requiring a low down payment

FHA 203(k) Limited

Designed for smaller, quick projects, cosmetic or minor repairs



Here’s what you can expect:

  1. Plan your renovations
  2. Get pre-approved
  3. Select the right loan for you
  4. Select a licensed contractor
  5. Provide your documentation
  6. Receive loan approval
  7. Take your loan to closing
  8. Begin your renovations

Next steps

Whether your project is big or small, we want to help make your dreams come true.